Best Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts for a Smooth and Faster, Productive Experience!

Miami Computer Repair-Chromebooks aren’t just cheap and comfortable notebooks for fulfilling your computing requirements, but are the future of school and college education sectors as well. Since millions of academic institutions are supporting the Google product, it is necessary to learn some quick Chromebook keyboard shortcuts to complete your school or college projects productively and quickly.

Undoubtedly, Chromebook operating system was a bit difficult to understand in its initial period, but presently it has become one of the favored choices of budget-friendly users. If you’re using Windows PC since quite long, then you must be aware of some of the cool window shortcuts that help you in completing your work easily and quickly. Similarly, the Chromebook keyboard also features alpha-numeric and some special keys for a powerful, smoother and faster typing experience. You might have visited Chromebook blog sites and other useful resources to get some cool shortcuts that you can use on your Chromebook keyboard to simplify your regular tasks.

If you’re looking for some easy yet powerful Google keyboard shortcuts, then quickly try the ones enlisted below:

1. Control + Alt +?

Pressing this keyboard shortcut will resolve all the confusion easily as it will show the entire keyboard shortcut overlay on your current screen. This shortcut often works as the ultimate cheat sheet and give a brief description about all the shortcuts a user can apply.

2. Alt + Search button

Pressing ‘Alt + Search’ button will immediately toggle on/off the Caps Lock feature to meet the numerous typing requirements. This shortcut works well to capitalize a letter and also assist you while typing out a long acronym. Since the Chromebook keyboard misses the Caps Lock key, you can use the shortcut to make your text appear like Windows PCs and Macs.

3. Control + Shift + L

You can easily lock the screen and set your Chromebook at rest by pressing this shortcut combination. Additionally, this combination will also help your device and data to stay out of the reach of illegitimate access.

4. Alt + 1 – 8

Pressing this shortcut combination will help you launch apps from the shelf, and it acts as equivalent to the Windows taskbar in the Chrome operating system. Press the right numeric key as it corresponds to the position of the apps, arranged in ascending order starting from the left to right.

5. Shift + Esc

Press ‘Shift + Esc’ keys to open the Task Manager. It helps you to track down processes that you wish to close for ensuring faster performance.

6. Alt + Shift + M

You can press the ‘Alt + Shift + M’ keys combination to open the File Manager and access your offline files easily.

7. Alt + [- or +]

If you want to use Windows Snap feature on your Chromebook, then simply press the shortcut mentioned above to dock a window either to the left or the right side.

8. Alt + Up

Press this keyboard shortcut to perform the Page up function and get back to the top of an app or page instantly.

9. Alt + Down

Using this shortcut you can perform the Page down function. It will help you to zip faster through a web page.

10. Ctrl + W

Closing the unnecessary Windows to prevent hangs and freezes is important, so use this shortcut to close your current tab or the ones you were working on, but now don’t need.


Learning Chromebook keyboard shortcuts is the fastest way to empower your typing experience with a lot of speed and proficiency, but you have to be careful while playing with your keyboard’s keys. You can easily access some common shortcuts like press ‘Control + Switcher’ key to take a screenshot and ‘Alt + E’ to open the Chrome browser menu. If you think that work is over, and it’s the time to sleep, then simply press ‘Control + Shift + Q’ to log out of your Chromebook!